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  • Arriving at Ngurah Rai International Airport will probably not the same as in your country where the taxi is easily accessed. We have no Bus or speed train at the airport. Many freelance drivers are ready to offer you service at different prices. However, I suggest you book your pick-up early before arrival for a stress-free holiday.

  • You may request some beverages to be stocked in the fridge to be ready upon your arrival. We provide the full size of a refrigerator in all villas, and we can help you to provide them daily. Please e-mail us to have your fridge stocked. The prices will be the same as in the Supermarket.

  • In House Dining: Our unique accommodation concept offers in house dining. Our selected team will be delighted to cook and serve delicious meals in the comfort of your villa. The service requires notice in advance to prepare. For your convenience, food delivery is also available up to 10 pm from our neighborhood restaurants — no notification required to have foods delivered to your villa. Kindly be informed most of the nearby restaurants closed at 10 pm. Therefore we can provide light refreshments with additional fees should you arrive late. At least 24 hours notice required.

  • We set the room as simple as possible. However, Complementary items such as Toothbrushes, Combs, Shaver’s, Shower caps, Cotton buds, Matches, Slippers, multi-plugs, and adapters are always available to be requested upon arrival or during your stay with us.

  • Drinking water. Do not drink water from the tap. We provide a very safe to drink – hot and cold water dispenser next to your fridge in your own kitchen.

  • Harmless animals. Bali is an island where you will find a lot of tropical animals such as Geckos, garden lizards, frogs, etc. These gentle animals eat mosquitoes and other annoyed insects. Please Do not kill them.

  • Mosquitoes and Bats. Being in Tropical Island, the mosquitoes are always present. To minimize them, we do have fumigation once a week. Besides, our team will come to your villa every evening to light mosquito coils and spray your room. Please keep your bedroom door closed during the evening to avoid mosquitos in. Instead of mosquitoes, we do sometimes have bats, especially during raining season. They usually come in the evening, hanging on the ceiling of the living area and made a mess on the floor. It is not necessary to be panic. Our team will clean the mess in the morning. 

Enjoy your stay with us 

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